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What is Virtual IOP?

Introducing Virtual IOP (VIOP): the pivotal bridge between traditional outpatient treatment (OP) and more intensive care options like residential or partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for individuals battling substance use disorders.

VIOP leverages telehealth technology, harnessing platforms like Zoom, text messaging, phone calls, and other web-based tools. It’s a revolutionary approach that enables patients to seamlessly access specialized addiction treatment without geographical constraints. No more long commutes or disruptions to daily life.

This virtual continuum of care empowers patients to stay connected to their treatment plans while balancing work, school, or familial responsibilities. By integrating digital tools like texting and smartphone apps, VIOP enhances the effectiveness and accessibility of intensive outpatient programs.

In essence, VIOP isn’t just about convenience; it’s about ensuring individuals receive the quality care they need to overcome addiction, regardless of their location or schedule. It’s a game-changer in the realm of rehab treatment, offering flexibility without compromising on efficacy.


Tailored treatment programs, offered in a serene environment, foster healing on your path to recovery.

How Does VIOP Work?

VIOP, or Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program, operates as a lifeline for individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders. Through a sophisticated blend of telehealth technologies such as videoconferencing apps, text messaging, and phone conversations, VIOP delivers comprehensive rehab care directly to patients’ homes.

The process is simple yet profound: patients connect with addiction specialists remotely, accessing our three-hour sessions which can take 14-16 weeks to complete the program, support groups, and educational resources from any location with internet access. This innovative approach eliminates barriers to care, enabling individuals to receive the support they need without disrupting their daily lives.

VIOP operates on the principle of flexibility, tailoring treatment plans to suit each patient’s unique needs and schedules. Whether juggling work commitments, family responsibilities, or educational pursuits, patients can engage in their recovery journey with convenience and confidence.

In essence, VIOP revolutionizes the traditional outpatient treatment model, offering a seamless and effective solution for those navigating the challenges of substance use disorders. It’s a beacon of hope, empowering individuals to reclaim their lives on their terms.

Here's why VIOP stands out

Experience the transformative benefits of Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (VIOP) for individuals navigating substance use disorders. VIOP transcends geographical limitations, offering accessible and flexible treatment options through telehealth technology.

1. Accessibility: VIOP breaks down barriers to care, allowing individuals to access treatment from the comfort of their homes, no matter where they are located.

2. Flexibility: With VIOP, treatment fits seamlessly into busy schedules. Patients can attend therapy sessions and support groups without disrupting work, school, or family commitments.

3. Personalized Care: VIOP offers tailored treatment plans to meet each individual’s unique needs and preferences, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.

4. Supportive Community: Through virtual interactions, patients engage with a supportive community of peers and professionals, fostering connection and encouragement on their recovery journey.

5. Effective Outcomes: Research indicates that VIOP can be as effective as traditional in-person treatment, offering comparable outcomes with added convenience.

For patients requiring medication prescriptions like buprenorphine for opiate addiction treatment, our virtual specialists offer convenient access and expert guidance. With tailored treatment plans and seamless online consultations, we prioritize your well-being with professionalism and precision. Say goodbye to barriers and hello to effective, accessible care.


Tailored treatment programs, offered in a serene environment, foster healing on your path to recovery.

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